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About Us


Welcome To IOT@LESO

IoT@LESO is a 1-Stop Internet of Things Ecosystem for professional users supported by Lesoshoppe, a multi-award winning ICT company.
IoT@LESO provides Cloud and Cellular Based IoT solutions for various sectors mainly in healthcare, manufacturing Industrial 4.0 and agriculture.
Our innovations and solutions are continuously inspired by our partners and customers in various applications.
IoT@LESO principally specialized in environmental monitoring and asset management via Cellular M2M RTU, GPS trackers, Industrial Remote IO sensors and IoT Cloud Platform.
We aim to build and manage the largest IoT Big Data Ecosystem in the region of South East Asia (SEA) by 2025. After years of relentless R&D and breakthrough improvements in IoT technology, IoT@LESO is now ready for the most rigorous market demands.